Thursday, 9 April 2009


Houston, we have a problem. And it's staring me down with its little attenaes directly in the face....My first cockroach! Yuck! Figures that I'm bunking with Frenchie for the night when the two of us are useless when it comes to bugs, especially cockroaches.
My first thought is to get some help - I can't do this. Bugs just aren't my thing, especially when they're fat and slimy with long antennaes and you can't crush them. I go out on the porch and try to recruit the help of the hippies getting stoned out there, but to no avail. They just crack up at the idea of using a stick to kill it. Figures once again that the only people there to lend me a hand with our roach problem are high off..God knows what. They were pretty crazy.

So Frenchie decides that she'll be the one to take care of it by smacking it with her shoe. She is actually so adorable the way she deals with it cuz she has to talk herself through it as she smacks it with her shoe and screams. She misses the damn thing and it scurries under the armoir, waiting in hiding and ready to strike again when we're sleeping. Yuck.
I sleep on the hard piece of wood they call a bed, with a sheet over my head, paranoid about bugs.

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