Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tequila Sunrise

We all get dressed up and Bill and Diane take me out to this amazing revolving restaurant that literally has a 360° view of Abu Dhabi. Bill and Diane point out the evolution of the city- the first low-rise apartment buildings, then a clump a big higher, then higher and higher! So you can actually see the city at different stages. They also show me where the Corniche, or shoreline, was built out and the parks where there used to be ocean.
We order a bottle of Chilean Cabernet and a bunch of gourmet appetizers, from raw salmon with cream cheese, scallops and prawns, bruschetta. For dinner, I order the sea bass with potato gnocchi and dried cherries. Exceptionally delicious. After dinner, Craig and I head out to Shayne's and meet up with Joe and Jeff. Jeff is quite the character- he reminds me of that guy from "Road Trip" or American Pie who's always tits and naked girls. He's totally obnoxious but kind of in a fun, lovable way. At least for a bit, then he's just kind of annoying. We move out to PJ's for a wild night, one of the crazier I've had since my Italy days. I feel fabulous- I'm wearing Lill's little black dress, big earrings and red heels and just strutttt. PJ's is just great- the music is boooming, its packed and atmosphere is great. Mel and I head back down alone where she shows me how to work the scene, whispering who anyone who's important is, what to watch out for, how to get a free drink and who's a betch. I love her instantly- she's such a gossip queen. We head to the bar where we get free drinks from her bartender friend- an old dirty man hassles me to dance, putting his slimy hands on me. I run upstairs, losing Mel- but strike up a conversation with my man Nate. Nate is basically gorgeous, with beautiful skin, a nice white smile and dance moves to blow me out of the water. I find Mel and we take silly pictures with Big Mo and Shayne. Craig, Jeff and Joe head to another bar so I get to hang out with Nate. We hit it off, dance wildly in the corner to techno and are totally flirting. I am a goofball-dancer for some reason, but he loves it and doesn't stop laughing. Shane, Mel and I have a ball dancing to the Grease remix and do a bit of swing-dancing...how fun! Mel and I make our way up to the DJ booth and flirt/take pictres with the DJ- he even lets me work the booth for a while, mixing songs :)
When Mel's sister Natalie arrives, she really brings the party. I have so much fun dancing with her, until we try to drop it low but my legs are so weak/sore that she yells out "You kneed me in the p***!" I feel so bad...but we just laugh. Mel and I go on an adventure taking pictures, one with this wasted old man and then pretend to take one of ourselves to get this blonde hairpiece in the backgroumd. We get yelled at by the bouncer. Its funny when we get yelled at for "inappropriate dancing" when there's a blonde chic with mad long hair and her stomach hanging out dancing explicitly!! Joe and them come back and we all decide that we're not going to Emirates Palace club without a table. I'm with Joe now, good decision I've decided in my state. Blonde chic still tango dancing and whipping people in the face with her hair....
Joe and I head with Craig, Shayne and Jeff to Rock Bottom for some Phillippine phun. Shayne literally hits rock bottom and leaves. Joe and I dance a bit but I make him protect my ass...so many sketchballs around here. It was fun walking into the bathrooms and seeing prostitutes. For real. After the place closes around 4am, the place is swarming with hookers trying to pick up at the end of the night...blah! Joe and I head back to Craig's place, him teaching me Scottish swearing :) We walk out to the beach and look up at the stars. Pretty soon we see Craig stumble by, drunkenly, with 4 glasses and ice. He says hi and walks on by. Joe and I stay there until...wait, it's getting light out! Before we know it, light is appearing in the sky. We walk down the ocean wall, me skipping and doing cartwheels and Joe picking me up and twirling me around. Jeff and Craig are wayy down with a girl Vanessa, drinking tequila sunrises with...the sunrise. The name suddenly makes sense to me. It's 6am. An enormous, flaming orange ball rises from behind the skyline and casts a glowing light over all our drunked faces. Jeff and I take a tequila shot each to greet the sun. Rowers pass us on the water and we salut them. We stumble home, carrying bags of empty bottles..Jeff is a riot.
Now for the world's worst hangover. I've had a headache all day- literally. I take a quick shower and get into bed at 7am. Craig wakes me up at 9am- 2 hours of restless sleep. My body hates me.
Shayne picks us up at 10am, Jeff is still wasted haha. We drive to Dubai and I sleep the whole way. Upon arrival at Shayne's parents' house in a wealthy Dubai suburb, I am so out of it. I can barely stay awake, nevermind hold a conversation. I take a refreshing, hour-long, much-needed nap to be coherent.

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